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Follow our very own clinic director, Dr. Fenster, as he demonstrates various stretches and exercises to improve posture and reduce spinal subluxations to heal the body from the inside out.


Posture Pulley Exercise

Proper Sitting

Standing Posture

Yoga For Posture

Proper Sleep Position


Pettibon Cervical Traction

Neck Stretch

Cervical Stretch

Pro Lordotic Neck Exercise

Denner Roll

Head Translation Exercise


Thoracic Arch Stretch

Reverse Pushup

Reverse Doorway Stretch

Doorway Stretch

Low Back Side Exercise

Lying Lumbar Side Lift


Rhomboid Strengthening

Sitting Lumbar Side Shift


Hip Stretch

Upper Abs

Psoas Series


Yoga For Relaxation

Yoga For Posture

Breathing For Posture

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